About Web Galleries

A Web Gallery is a collection of image files and html pages. One can browse this collection using an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). A typical gallery contains Index pages with Thumbnails - small images representing images in the gallery. The user can click on one of the thumbnails to see a full-resolution image (see example).

A thumbnail could link directly to an image file, but usually a special html file is created for each image - Image page. This html file provides a nice background color, a gallery title, an image caption, etc.

Index pages and Image pages could contain Navigation buttons allowing the user to go from one index page to another, return to the gallery index from the image page or go to the next/previous image.

An Index page could be frame-based, when thumbnails are located in one html frame and images are located in another html frame (see example).

Images are usually stored in JPEG file format (with .jpg file extension). This format allows to compress source pictures with different quality. You can balance jpeg file size with image quality specifying jpg compression parameter (jpeg quality).

A nice-looking thumbnail is not just a resized version of the original image. Borders, shadows and other effects should be used to provide a good appearance for your web gallery. Compare two thumbnails below:

No effects Border and Shadow


Thus, to create a web gallery one has to resize all images into thumbnails, apply thumbnail effects (e.g. add a border), create index page(s) with thumbnails, navigation and links to image pages, and construct an html page for each image in the gallery with an appropriate navigation.

Gena Web Gallery Creator is an application automating all of the above-mentioned tasks. It allows the user to select source images, specify various options (pages layout, image and thumbnails sizes, etc.) and then creates all necessary files (thumbnail images, index pages, image pages) automatically.