Change Log


(*) - BugFix
(+) - Feature Added
(-) - Removed



--- Version 1.7

1.7.5 [04/06/06] 1.7 Release SP1

* Optimized custom tags processing
* Updated style wizard
* Minor bug-fixes

1.7.3 [01/12/05] 1.7 Release

* BugFix: The application generated invalid html files based on templates with single "%" character


1.7.2 [12/10/04] 1.7 Pre-release

+ Gallery Style Wizard (Application comes with several predefined styles)
+ IPTC data support (iptc* tags)
+ Custom Text tags ("genaCustom n" tags)
+ New Modes for Navigation Buttons
+ During workspace loading user can locate missing (e.g. moved) images

* BugFix: Custom Font names in Options/Text Settings were not always saved correctly
* BugFix: Background for overlay text didn't always appear when Image resize mode set to "None, Fixed Height"
* Minor BugFixes

--- Version 1.6

1.6.3 [07/20/04] 1.6 Release

*BugFix: FTP client sometimes didn't work with empty remote dir
*BugFix: Rollover thumbnails didn't work for file names with apostrophes

1.6.2 [07/13/04] 1.6 Pre-release 2

*BugFix: Gena sometimes crashed in Image Preview window when path to original file was very long

1.6.1 [05/29/04] 1.6 Pre-release

+ EXIF data support (exif* tags)
+ "Retain JPEG Markers" option in "Gallery"/"Options"/"FileNames"
+ CMYK colorspace support for JPEG files

*BugFix: Gena sometimes crashed during image resizing
*BugFix: %genaImageSize%/%genaThumbSize% tags didn't work with SubFolders
*BugFix: %genaIndexCur% tag didn't work in "Gallery"/"Options"/"Text settings/Title"
*BugFix: %genaImageDate% and %genaImageTime% were wrong for not loaded images
*BugFix: Gena displayed UTC filetime instead of local time


--- Version 1.5


1.5.4 [03/22/04] 1.5 Release

* Various Bug-Fixes


1.5.1 [03/22/04] 1.5 Beta 1

+ Overlay Text / Image with multiple objects, transparency and text background controls
+ Subfolders for gallery elements (images/thumbnails/pages/graphics)

+ "Best Fit with Fill" resize mode for thumbnails
+ "Fixed Width"/"Fixed Height" resize modes for full-size images

* Multiline edit boxes for Gallery Title, Short/Long Captions with optional CR-LF to <BR> translation

+ Added Thumbnail Links setup (Image pages, Images, Original images, Custom URL, Nothing)

+ File Extension for Image Pages can be specified in Options/FileNames
+ New tags: genaIndexCur/genaIndexTotal for index pages
* New tags: genaImageDate, genaImageTime
+ Added option to convert file names to Lower Case
+ Added PNG support

* Application is optimized for the size of executabale file

* General preferences are stored only in Registry (not loaded from workspace)
* "New Workspace" resets to default settings
- Removed "Delete after Abort" option in FTP upload dialog
* "gw" file extension is registered in the system as "Gena Workspace"

* BugFix: Wrong colors after reading some TIFF files
* BugFix: Gena didn't support captions longer than 512 characters
* BugFix: Removed double <title> tag from index page template
* Bugfix: Program crashed in when image size<4x4

* Various interface changes



--- Version 1.4

1.4.6 - [12/22/03] 1.4.6 Release

* Various Bug-Fixes


1.4.1 [11/25/03] 1.4 Beta 1

+ New Navigation Dialog with Color Adjustment for Navigation Buttons
+ HTML Slideshow generation (2 types of slide show)
+ CD AutoRun
+ Select Color Dialog contains Color Picker

+ FTP upload error log
+ New Navigation Buttons: Play/Pause, Home

+ Unlimited length for Short Caption and Long Caption
+ Hidden navigation buttons can be replaced with spacers

* BugFix: Gallery could be generated incorrectly for filenames with two dots.
* BugFix: "Import Settings" doesn't change gallery title
* BugFix: Image text/title in the Advanced Settings dialog were mixed up
* BugFix: Image Rotation information is stored in workspace

+ Alt text for image and thumbnail can contain tags


--- Version 1.3


1.3.10 - [10/1/03] - 1.3 Release

+ Added passive FTP mode
* Various bug-fixes


1.3.1 - [09/11/03] - 1.3 Beta 1

+ Embedded FTP client
+ User-defined crop for each image in "Thumbnail window"
+ Totally redesigned "Options" dialog with all advanced gallery options and app preferences
+ Font Face selection for all text strings
+ User-defined alt text for thumbnails and images
+ User-defined "Document Encoding" for HTML files
+ Text/Link colors selection for Index and Image pages


--- Version 1.2


1.2.14 - [08/19/03] - Gena 1.2 (Final Release)

* Fixed: App crashed when image was missing from the workspace with "Preview Effects" mode enabled
* Fixed: App was unstable when path to the image was longer then 128 chars
* Various bug-fixes


1.2.12 - [08/04/03]

+ Context Help in all dialogs/windows
+ "FAQ", "Contact Us" information and "Hot Keys" are added to the help
+ Shortcut to the Help is added to the "Start Menu"
* Various bug-fixes - [07/01/03]

* Various bug-fixes - [06/01/03] - Gena 1.2 (First Public Beta)